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Beat Blocker Install Instructions Page

Tools needed: Sharpie, Center Punch and Hammer, Drill, 5/32" Drill Bit, 10-24 thread hand tap, 3/32" hex allen key

Start out by removing the glass from the Beat Blocker's Rail, center the rail between the two hoops of the Stylebar, center from front to back and side to side. Push the rail as far down in the center as possible. Take care as to not move the rail around alot, you don't want to scratch the chrome or the powder coated finishes (ill.a & ill.b)

ill. aill. b

Mark and then Center Punch (ill. c & ill. d) the mounting hole in the middle only at this point. Remove the Rail and drill (5/32") the bar for the middle hole (ill. e). Use the Thread Tap (10-24) to create threads in the middle hole (ill. f.). Re-Fit the rail and fasten the rail using a low head screw provided in the middle hole you created, tighten it down (ill g). Center the sides of the rail and then mark the holes for both sides (ill. h). Remove the rail Center Punch the marks, drill the holes and tap the threads as before. Take care to not move the rail around while marking. Insert all the fastening screws then insert the glass (ill. i). HAND tighten the set screws to help secure the glass (ill. j). That is it, you're done.

ill. cill. d

ill. e

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