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2014 CS1000

City Scooter - Electric

New CS 1000 Electric Scooter

City Scooter CS1000 36 volt Electric Scooter; two speeds with front and rear independently operated disc brakes, rear chain drive, full suspension front and rear, 10" pneumatic street cart racing tires, folds in half for storage and transport. LSV - LE (Low Speed Vehicles - Low Emission) (Electric Scooters - Golf Carts - City Car's) Built and Serviced by Trans-Speed in New Orleans, LA. 70121

CS1000 Base Model - Standard Equipment as all CS1000's and includes Black Base Deck with traction surface, no seat or post - $469.99 (seat and post can be purchased separately).

CS1000 "Around Town" Special Edition Standard Equipment as all CS1000's and includes, removable seat and post, CNC Cherry Hardwood Deck with traction surface, Storage front and rear, Safety Lights front and rear, side rear view mirror and metal cup/bottle holder $589.99. (optional dual side view mirrors on post mounts, large rear saddle bags, Road Lighting all available separately

Can be ridden anywhere pedal powered cycles are allowed. Two Speeds via push button - On Road (full speed) and Inside (1/3rd speed for creeping in doors, ramps, elevators or when around a crowd of people, IE riding up the Handicap ramp and into the elevator then to the office). Charger included. Range (roughly 10 miles per charge), Top Speed 25 MPH, Capacity 265# (rider and gear), Curb Weight 78#, folds for storage and/or transport in the trunk or back of an SUV. (receiver hitch mountings available separately) - (range and speed are weight and charge state dependent). (My personal one will go all day at the RV park and tops out at 27 MPH with 190# me. I keep a spare satchel pack of batteries that can be simply swapped out from destination to destination that way you always have a charged set of three ready to go.) Batteries have 250-300 charge cycles and charge from dead in 4-6 hours.

- SALE - will sell a base model for $375 and an "AT" Edition model for $425 for a limited time while the floor models left over from this Holiday Season last.