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M1 Door Speaker Replacment

Kenwood's exclusive Image Enhancer technology produces amazing musical clarity that everyone in your car can hear. By reducing diffraction, the patented curved midrange and tweeter mounting baffle creates a wide sonic image and an improved stereo soundstage. The 3-way System features a 7" silver pearl mica injection-molded polypropylene woofer with rubber surround, PEI film dome midrange and tweeter, 10.1 oz magnet, gold-plated speaker connectors, a frequency response of 25Hz - 30kHz, and handles 220 watts of power. $89.50 Installation Free

M1 & M2 Head Unit Replacment

The KFC-MP745U plays MP3-encoded CD-R/RWs as well as conventional CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs. It has a built-in 50 watts x 4 amplifier, high-pass & low-pass electronic crossovers and front, rear & non-fading pre-outs for easy system expansion. Its System Q-EX Sound Control offers preset EQ curves like Jazz, Rock, and Pop for customizing your music, and you can also use its bass, midrange, and treble tone controls for further fine-tuning. The U series is SIRIUS, XM satellite-, HD Radio- and Kenwood Music Keg-ready, and Dual-Zone capable. The extra-wide full-color display has a white LED backlight and a large dot matrix readout. A flip-down removable faceplate with carrying case and a grip-type remote control come standard. Large simple rubber-grip knob that let users select options quickly and easily. $219.50 Plus Installtion. We install a USB port in your center console for portable play devices such as an Apple iPod and iPhone. Elegant cosmetics and simple interface make the U series truly easy to use. The option BT945 adds all the same features including B-Tooth phone usage for $259.50 Plus Installation.