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M1 Headrest Speaker Set

These 3-1/2" dual-cone speakers feature a water resistant woofer cone with a 5.6 oz high-energy strontium magnet. Each speaker handles 40 Watts of power with a sensitivity of 89 dB and an impedance of 4 ohms. Replacing OEM HR speakers $90.00 Installed, Never had HR speakers $139.50 Installed.

M2 Door Speaker Replacment

This 4-ohm, 8" Woofer features an extremely strong yet lightweight Pearl-Mica Injection-Molded Polypropylene Cone, for accurate musical reproduction across its entire frequency range. Besides looking very cool, the one-piece Tornado design makes the cone very stiff, which reduces distortion. Features include 500-watt power handling and a frequency response of 30Hz to 1kHz. The extended, vented pole piece helps to maintain maximum magnetic energy while effectively dissipating heat. And a bumped yoke allows the voice coil a long, yet tightly-controlled range of movement- ideal for producing more sound with lower distortion. These woofers out perform the OEM Bose system hands down for depth and power handling and work well with the OEM amplifiers, they also are great to replace the stock 4x6 speakers which we all know leave nothing to be desired. When a system has a need for more highs, the 13/16" 120-watt PEI (Poly-Ether Imide) Balanced Dome Add-On Tweeter supplies clean powerful highs in a small package. These surface mounted tweeters come with in-line high-pass filters and mount inside the factory recesses they can replace the Bose tweeters and be fitted in models with no tweeters

$255.00 per kit installed (tweeter photo shows a surface mount base not used on Miatas)