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Tires and Wheels

We can take your dull, aged OEM wheels and make them look like NEW again. Silver, White, Color Matched to your Miata or Polished then clear coated for durability. If you prefer a different look all together - (refinishing from $40 ea. & up)

- Select wheels that compliment and properly fit the Miata are a must. We handle a wide range of brands and styles and can outfit them with the proper tires for your driving needs at a price cheaper than you might think. (from $699 & up)

Dunlop is a name brand we have trusted since 1989 for all our Miata customers. We stock several tire compounds and tread designs that have proven to work well on the Miata for ride, durability, handling and looks! State-of-the-Art Mounting and Computer Balancing using SAW stick adhese weighting.

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