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Restoration Information Page:

Zircon Blue Metallic 1994 (automatic) 5 Speed

Miata Restoration Program #
Body & Styling:

PPG Refinishing, Includes: Prima K36 (if required), Chromatic Sealer Coat, PPG Deltron Base Color (3 coats),
PPG Global Urethane Clear (2-3 coats), refinishing of engine bay, under hood, door jambs, body jambs, trunk jambs and under trunk as well as full body refinishing. Rubberized sound coating in trunk, wheel wells, doors and floor boards
New Starlite Windshield w/ tinted upper and fitted seal, Luminar Door Glass Tinting, Mazda Outer Door Weather Strips
Anco Wiper Blade Set, Re-Matted Wiper Arms, Robbin's SF to pBlue with Zipperless Glass Window, New Rain Rail,

Inspections & Renewals:
Body, Door, Top and Header weatherstripping, door strikers, top latches guides and strikers Markerlamp lens, Dings & Dents, rusted panels replaced, urethane and plastic panels, mirror shells Air guide and belly pan, bumper clips, front teeth removal
Body Accessories
Mazda Front Air Dam, Mazda Front and Rear Mud Guards in Black, Hella Dual 500mhz AirHorn, Hella E4 Headlamps with Yellow Star H4 Bulbs
Power Train

Engine MechanicalsNew (mazda parts) Timing Belt, Cam Seals, Oil Pump Seal, Rear Main Seal, Crank Angle O-Ring Idler & Tensioner Bearings, Water Pump, Cover Seals (as needed), Upper Valve Cover Gasket Both Drive Belts, Coolant Hose Group (7pcs), NGK Spark Plugs, NGK Ignition Wire Set, Redline 5w40 Synthetic (full synthetic), K&N Oil Filter, Fuel Filter, Thermostat & Gasket, Radiator Cap, Mazda Spring Clamps as needed, Powered coated Intake, Valve Cover, Thermo-House
Inspections & Renewals:
Power Balance Cylinder Test, Compression Test, Crankshaft Runout, Oil pump flow & pressure, all Seanding unit readings, clean throttle plate and ICS valve, clean PCV, Clean Fuel Injectors, Intake Valves, Upper Cylinder and intake Plenum (20oz/60sec/38 psi), O2 Sensor, MAF Sensor, Adjust Throttle Slack, Idle & Tune to 16°@850RPM (92 octane required) This engine is the original 1994 model we have match ported the head with standard 3 angle cutting of the valves and seats new valve seals, pistons are stock with stock run out. All new Clevite bearings and thrusts.

InductionRacing Beat power flow induction with K&N air filtercharger

Automatic Converted to 5 Speed Manual Transmission

Inspections & Renewals:Reverse Light Switch, Neutral Safety Switch

Final Drive MechanicalsNew (mazda parts) LH/RH axle shaft seals, new Redline 75w90 Gear Oil, Stock Viscous Limited Slip Differential Inspections & Renewals: Axle Shaft Boots, Hubs Seals & Bearings
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