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What We Do:

Every so often we purchase a Miata, most likely from one of our customers. We have a criteria we are looking for. Typically a Miata that has been well cared for but used up a bit and ready for some up dating. These cars come from people who have decided to either buy a new model or are ready for an SUV or the like. It happens, I know a Miata is not for everyone but, for those few inspired by the simple and reliable design of a car that becomes a part of you an extension of you...those are the few who we relate to and work for and aspire to adopt one of our children once we are done. If you haven't yet figured we really are Miata nuts and we like what we do and creating another beautiful Miata for someone to get lots of enjoyment out of is a perk for us in addition to the daily maintenance and repairs we provide for our every day customers. We build these cars to a high level of quality some aspects not found even in new Miatas. We are passionate and take each one as a new project with fresh ideas. We build in popular Miata accessories and features that were not available in new ones. We also make them handle and perform and in some cases scream with power. When we decide to build it, it typically becomes a one of a kind, we seldom duplicate. (although if someone really wanted to, we could be bought I'm sure). These cars are taken apart peice by peice and inspected. Over 21 years experience helps in determining what needs to be replaced and what can be refurbished and reused. These cars were originally built with a high level of quality that shows in their longevity. When we are done we hope to have doubled this life expectancy. All in all nothing beats a custom built Miata especially if you've always wanted one and the fact that we can provide this for better than half the price of a new one makes it all the better. Look over one of our restoration programs and you'll get an idea of how far we go. By the way we build them to our high standards and we don't deviate much however, as in the past customers have purchased them prior to completion and owner input and variations in outfitting can be done so as to make it your way. These options can be discussed. Happy Miataing!

Completed Restoration Miatas >>view

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